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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sad Moments of Having a Pair of Jeans

Last weekend, desparately i need a pair of new jeans. All my jeans are bored to be put in or where as most of it is already not fit in anymore.. Without any further hesitation, i suggest to my hubby to go to ".." for shopping spree!! yeaaa..
After lingering around the shops, finally i'd found a nice jeans (with an advice from my hubby, of course), and after a while i'm having a difficulties moments to figure it out on the numbers of size that i should try with.

The sales man said, " might be u can try ".." this size first"hmm.. ok i guess, so i grab the mentioned jeans and straight away go to the fitting room, and i laughed at heart"Ingat aku ni besar sgt ke nak bagi saiz ni.. ok takpe aku cube.. kalo besar jage kau salesman.."

With full of surprise the size that was given to me, was totally can't go up any further from my thigh.. Oh My! Takkan tak muat kot.. Ciss.. dengan muka karton, i said to my husband" u tak muat', one more size up please.. and ofcourse the sales man gave a half smile look (musti dak tu kutuk aku tak sedar diri ciss), and get me another jeans with one size up, for me to fit in..

And it fit with me quite well.. although a bit tight at my thigh, but i think it cool enough (takkan nak tambah satu lagi saiz kott.!! arrggh).

"Ok u.. bayarkan ekk.. tima kasehh.." with a kitty look to my husband.(heheh)

So, the moral of the stories are:
a) i'm not slim anymore :(
b) i'd already put on weight :(
c) Never try a new jeans, without even bothered to investigate your actual size :(
d) Don't try a jeans with a salesman is accompanying you :(

so, from (a)-(d) mentioned above are all the sad moments for me..huhuhu~~~

But nevertheless, there is good reason why i'd accidentally (opps!) got another number of size for a jeans.. because i had already two lovely kids, n i'm a mommy.. I'm sure that's a pretty good and solid reason to give on.. rite!!
In a way, i'm still looking forward to find a mechanism on how to maintain my body, so it's still functioning well as how it should be.. HELP ME!!

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