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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dr Wan Abdul Rahim Wedding Reception - Part II

Here we go, part II of Wan's wedding reception. From top, zahra " drop dead gorgeous" posing, razeen and God knows whose car is it @ B2 parking lot, razeen and long-time buddy Feryal (Kak azrin's son), ayah and kids, me and friends with the newly wed,we all posing at the table with kak azrin's mum and one of our x-friends at Cosmo KL, anis. The bottom pic, Wan & Indah at the "pelamin" and during "Makan beradap" session.
That's it for this time, till meet again with a new entry.
Take care!!

Dr Wan Abdul Rahim Wedding Reception - Part I

Hi.. it's been quite a while since last entry. Today i've got a chance to upload Part I Wan wedding reception or a.k.a Dr Wan ( he just received his PhD on last May-congrats~~really proud of ur strong determination and hardwork)@ Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam on Friday, 12th June 2009. His partner is Indah, what a beautiful name to a lovely lady whom could meltdown the stone heart of Wan.For the record, Wan is one of my good friends back then when i was at Cosmo Ipoh.
The time just hitted 7.30pm when we arrived at Shah Alam, so we decided to stop at SACC Mall, to find a surau and mingling around, take a couple of photos and headed to the hotel when the clock shows 8.15pm.
We are the first couple registering at our table : no.16, all of my other friends whether still finding a parking lot or stranded at the heavy traffic heading to Shah Alam.
Kak azrin and her family arrived shortly after us, at about 8.40pm and the rest, kak haifa and Ina salam families are the late arrival aaahaa.. I'm so thrill to see all of my friends as it's been a long time i've been seen or talking to them.
At 9.00pm the MC announced the arrival of the bride and bridegroom.They were wearing a beautiful cream yellowish malay wedding outfit heading towards the stage, beautifully created and out of sudden the stage full of the photographers. There was a Food Presentation from the hotel crew and the food it' s yummy, just the part that i can't fully concentrated on the food, coz my kids it's jumping around all over the place. My friends and I said, Wan really did a good job to really isolated us with table that near to the exit door and next to the the wall, perfect spot Wan, Thanks..
Rest assured, the wedding reception it's Really Great.. Great choices of songs selection ( i love the Mariah carey & Ning of course)..Woo Hooo.. and to Wan and Indah.. CONGRATULATIONS!!